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Delicacies with amazing taste and impressive wholesomeness which will convince you that healthy and tasty go hand in hand.

Deliraw brand is built with the wholistic approach to wholesome and tasty nutrition and encompasses a range of organic product categories – raw desserts, consumer packages of nuts and fruits, a refreshing selection of organic beverages and more. 
Deliraw био сурови плодови барове

What we do

Our products are a natural expression of our beliefs and understanding of a healthy lifestyle. We are convinced that good health comes with high-quality nutrition. This is the reason why we are so meticulous in the selection and combining of ingredients in all our products.

We source a vast variety of organic raw materials from all around the world, supplied by bio farming and grown responsibly, enhancing sustainability. We conduct detailed research for sourcing and perform ongoing monitoring control of both nutritional and taste qualities. This allows us to guarantee consistently high quality or our products.

Our families and team members are among our most passionate customers, who we treat with care and responsibility. For them and all of you, who trust our products daily, we are inspired and encouraged to evolve, with health and well-being in mind.

Who we are

Organic Superfootds is a company specialized in production and trading of organic foods. We take pride in high quality standards and impeccable production environment. We deliver products and services related to healthy lifestyle and are proud to be part of a community that values natural and healthy nutrition and way of living. As good food means good health.

Deliraw био сурови плодови барове

Our mission

To promote and convey the inspiring energy of free choice by connecting consumers to healthy lifestyle and clean natural foods, grown with care.

Our vision

Proudly be the top-choice inspiration of high standards in organic and healthy nutrition.
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Production facility

Our newly-built production facility is designed to meet and exceed food industry standards and satisfy international requirements. We have built our facility responsibly, using high quality materials and technology, ensuring energy efficiency, clean environment and zero harmful emissions of production processes. We guarantee exclusive use of organic raw materials and are a certified organic producer.